About mSidonia

mSidonia represents a ray of light, something new, a breath of inspiration which is reflected in each of our designs. mSidonia is much more than fashion. Our brand represents quality, exclusivity, and social responsibility.

In a globalized world, where fashion has become "Fast Fashion" and "Low Fashion", we offer an alternative.

We call our designs "Trendy Basics", which are inspired by woman with global character, but who want to differentiate themselves by wearing unique clothes and high quality designs, which can be worn on several occasions.

We produce all of our exclusive designs in the Iberian Peninsula, respecting the environment, as all our designs are made with 100% natural materials. We maintain close relationships with the factories we work with. We consider all of them part of the team, as together, we are all part of the mSidonia culture.

We personally take care of all the production processes, in order to obtain perfect outcomes, and make sure our customers are 100% satisfied, by wearing our designs.

Additionally, we offer a different shopping experience through our online store, where you can discover the mSidonia world, and live a unique online shopping experience. We invite you to share your experiences, opinions, and suggestions with us.

Behind mSidonia

Behind mSidonia

We are A & R. The fashion world joined our paths, and further from friendship, our love for fashion made us embark on creating our own designs and our own brand, reflecting our lifestyle, and also contributing to the Spanish textile sector in a time of constant change.

We are two entrepreneurs, with extensive experience in the fashion world. We wanted to invest our knowledge and experience in creating unique collections, where quality is the utmost priority, as well as taking care of the collaboration with our factories.

mSidonia is a team, in which everyone who works in our chain is part of our family, mSidonia is also our dream, our inspiration, and above all, the satisfaction of our customers who appreciates our designs.

In this consumerist world, which tends to uniformity, we want to differentiate ourselves by offering wearable and high quality garments.

We are a new generation, destined to change the Spanish business culture, by adding value through our designs, and by taking care of our brand image. For us, it is vital to keep control and cooperate closely with all the links in the chain, to obtain perfect results.

For us, mSidonia evokes the youth and freshness of our land and thus, the reason why we only produce in the Iberian Peninsula, and supreme quality products.

We are well travelled, XXI century women. Our inspirations come from all over the world. We create designs inspired in modern women, always on the go, worried about their image, and who are able to wear versatile garments adaptable to different occasions.

We want you to discover our mSidonia designs, and "Trendy Basics". You will wear these exclusive pieces season after season.